April 11, 2022

Happy Monday!

I wrote you a poem:

🎧Headsets rule, 💻laptops too,

Slack is cool, and so are you! 🤗


Our Favorite Articles 💯

📚 5 Books Every Remote Worker Should Read (The Org) ~ These books help remote workers navigate the challenges they face.

✈️ Mexico City and the Pitfalls of Becoming a Remote Work Destination (Vox) ~ Travel responsibly, Digital Nomads!

🤒 7 Legit Reasons To Take Time Off, Even if You Work Remotely (Remotive) ~ Remote workers are allowed to call in sick too.

👻 The Worst Part of Working From Home Is Now Haunting Reopened Offices (Slate) ~ Imagine being stuck at the office in back to back Zoom meetings?

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