Remotive’s Manifesto

I’m Rodolphe, founder of Remotive. Our mission is to help tech professional go remote.

Here’s what we believe in:

1) Remote work comes from trust.

  • Trust is paramount — We work at companies who trust us to do our best work, remotely.

  • Playing the long game — We work at companies who invest in long-term professional growth.

  • Family first — We work at companies who are family-friendly, we only pull an all-nighter for kids.

2) Remote is the future of the tech industry.

  • Tech companies are going remote — In 2022, at least 5 billion-dollar companies are 100% remote.

  • Applicants want remote — 53.3% say remote options are a top priority (Stackoverflow, 2017).

  • Remote workers won’t go back — Most of them won’t - ever - go back to an office.

3) Remote work is better together.

  • Talent is everywhere — Zip codes are becoming irrelevant, your trustworthiness is everything.

  • We’re not all nomads — Some of us travel, most of us work from home or coffee shops.

  • Remote is hard — You need a tribe to land a remote job and to rock it.

What to expect from Remotive?

  • Remotive is a movement — Remote work is taking over the Tech industry, it’s not evenly distributed just yet. Remotive started in 2014, millions of people read our content. We run a popular job board, newsletter and community.

  • People first, not robots — Every day, remote workers connect and mingle on our community. We don’t rely on robots to share jobs, each job we share is hand-picked by our team. We practice what we preach: The Remotive team operates remotely.

  • Networking and content — Landing a remote job can be tricky, we’ve been there ourselves. Our articles, guides and lists have gathered millions of view. We’re here to help! We believe that the best way to land a remote job is through networking.

What do I do next?


Get Hired and Get ahead, remotely

  • Stand out and get in touch with hiring managers
  • See how you compare to other applicants
  • Learn new skills to advance your career


Find and hire remote talent

  • Find great candidates, faster
  • Contact top talents directly
  • Build relationships with prospective hires

Remote worker

Grow and nurture your network

  • Learn from your peers
  • Share your knowledge
  • Network, remotely


Promote your business

  • Find leads and accounts, remotely
  • Learn about remote work
  • Build trusted relationships with remote workers