December 19, 2022

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Our Favorite Articles 💯

🌟  The 2022 Status Of Remote Work And Top Future Predictions (Forbes) ~ This is a nice 2 min summary of remote work in 2022.

🧳  Productivity Hacks for Work Travel Trips (RWD) ~ For those who want to work from anywhere next year while actually getting work done.

👋  5 Features To Get You Noticed On LinkedIn (Forbes) ~ Jumpstart your remote job search by refreshing your LinkedIn profile.

🏡  Remote Work Has Become a Right for Knowledge Workers (Fortune) ~ The typical assumptions about remote work don't hold up when you consider the facts.

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Remotive Jobs 💼

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👉 Senior Solidity Developer at Proxify AB (Worldwide)

👉 Senior Front-end Developer at Proxify AB (Worldwide)

👉 Senior Independent UX/UI Designer at A.Team (Worldwide)

👉 Senior Software Engineer, Python at AssemblyAI (Americas, EMEA)

👉 Head of Growth at Vialma (Americas, EMEA)

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