August 15, 2022

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🚩 10 Job Posting Red Flags To Watch For (Forbes) ~ Not all job posts are made equal; some are less shady than others.

⚔️ The Fed is Fighting Inflation. So is Remote Work (CNBC) ~ Working from home: An unlikely ally to the U.S. central bank.

⚖️ 8 Ways to Balance Your Home Life and Remote Work (Entrepreneur) ~ Having any routine is the #1 remote work hack.

🙅‍♀️ Malcolm Gladwell Criticizes WFH —Despite Having Worked Remotely (Fortune) ~ Why do I feel betrayed?

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👉 10 New Openings at Toptal (Worldwide)

👉 4 New Openings at Spline (Worldwide)

👉 Inbound Customer Service Representative at SC Data Center, Inc. (USA)

👉 Lead Full-Stack Engineer at Onko Health (UK)

👉 Account Executive at TheyDo (Europe)

👉 Product Marketing Manager at Uxcel (Europe)

👉 Full Stack Engineer at Discourse (Worldwide)

👉 Online Language Teacher at Academia Europea International (Americas)

👉 Sales Development Team Lead at Hygraph (North America)

👉 Sales Development Representative at Hygraph (North America)

👉 Senior Independent UX/UI Designer at A.Team (Worldwide)

👉 Senior Software Engineer, Python at AssemblyAI (Worldwide)

👉 Middle Python Developer at Lemon (LATAM, Europe)

👉 Full-Stack Rails and React Developer at Tanooki Labs (North America)

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