August 1, 2022

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👩‍💼 How to Find and Land a Remote Job in 2022 (Remotive) ~ Tips to prepare first-time remote job seekers for the hunt.

🔮 The Future of Remote Work, According to 6 Experts (Vox) ~ Insights about the influence of remote work on society.

🔥 How to Make Remote Work Awesome (Almanac) ~ Learn to manage distractions, conduct meetings, stay accountable, etc.

📝 Interviewing In A Recession Will Be Tougher—Here Are Questions to Prepare for and What You Should Ask (Forbes) ~ How to answer the dreaded "Tell Me About Yourself?" and others like it.

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Remote work doesn’t have to be from your living room, you can take your job anywhere. Noma Collective is a community of likeminded traveling professionals. We specialize in meaningful connections, life changing experiences and curating adventures around the world. Join our community, take the leap to a new life and let us do the planning.

Remotive Jobs 💼

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👉 Tech Manager & Back End Engineer at Maxa Designs

👉 Head of Marketing at Karat Financial

👉 Senior or Staff Frontend Engineer at Close

👉 HR and Recruitment Officer at The Links Guy

👉 Software Engineer - Billing at Discourse

👉 Software Engineer (EMEA region) at Discourse

👉 Software Engineer (the Americas) at Discourse

👉 Core Engineer at Zcash Foundation

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