Remote jobs often attract TONS of applicants.

Why? Going through a job board may attract 1,000+ applicants per position...

Then, companies spend hours sorting through applications...

How can we improve this? How do you hire beyond volume, attract and nurture the RIGHT candidates?

Also, how can you best communicate your companies values and expectations to future candidates?

Here are 5 tips on building a remote employer brand!

1) Be upfront about restrictions

Talent is everywhere, remote jobs attract global applicants. If your position has restrictions (such as location/timezone/salary) - be transparent about it!

Else, hundreds of candidates who don't fit the bill will apply to your position. This creates frustration within your team and among applicants.

Pro Tip: Feature any restrictions at least TWICE. In the header, then once more in the job description.
Here's a straight forward example from

2) Let your employees tell your story.

Back in 2013, I read a story of a Buffer employee travelling as a digital nomad. It made such an impression on me that I ended up joining the company...

Your employees are your best ambassadors, let them tell your story!

Pro-tip: Shoot a promo-video during your next retreat, capturing testimonials!

See how the remote startup beautifully did it:

See more on Close Jobs page -

3) Capture everyone's interest

As remote company grows, many applicants may already be working somewhere else.

Don't let bad timing exclude top candidates! Make sure folks can sign up to a wait list of log a "Spontaneous applications".

Pro-Tip: Add a "Waitlist" button for applicants to be notified when you hire next!
Snippet from Doist's open application job job page mailing list

4) Run live/recorded sessions

Applicants LOVE to learn more about you before applying. A clever way to share more about you is to record a video.

Animalz took this to heart and recorder a video with frequently asked questions, they also run monthly webinars for anyone who's curious :)

Pro-Tip: Round-up the 10 most frequently asked questions and shoot an FAQ video. Update quarterly.
Watch the cool Animalz video here -

5) Be Transparent About the Hiring Process

Candidates often find the hiring process frustrating.

Why? Each company have their own way to hire, it often feels like a black box for candidates.

See below how the TaxJar beautifully laid-out their 8-step interview process, backed-up by an article answering candidates questions.

Pro-Tip: Codify your hiring process and share your blue-print with applicants.

TaxJar sharing their hiring process on

Over to you now!

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