Remote workers LOVE their home office. If you spend so much time there, isn't it better to have a good set-up ?

I asked around to know how much money people were committing to setting up their home office...

Please note that respondents come from everywhere, some countries have a lot more available income than others.

Awesome to see a most of respondents spending over $500 on their home office.

Then... well, things escalated a little bit. I started sharing Memes on the topic, here are a few.

Why should we care?

The majority of remote workers make good money. They splurge on conferences, hardware and fancy tech accessories.

Yet it's pretty rare so see remote workers invest serious money in their setup!

I personally spent a fortune on physiotherapy due to bad posture. But I finally put my foot down and said enough !

I love tech, I love remote work and will have a computer-facing activity for the next thirty years. It was about time I upgraded my setup...

I finally invested in myself and got a proper set-up!

Why I picked the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk + HAG Capisco Chair?

Over the summer, Fully sent me my DREAM setup: Jarvis Standing Desk and HAG Capisco Chair Review...

I've now been using it for two months and absolutely love it. Not sure how I ever managed without it. This is why :

My cat and I have a lot to say.

PS: What do you think about this video? Let me know in the YouTube comments or on Twitter please :)

Disclosure: This desk, chair and accessories were sent to me for video review.