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Our Favorite Articles 💯

🤖 ​How AI Works​ (Medium) ~ If we want to beat the robots, we need to know how they work.

🤹🏽 ​The 11 Most In-Demand Job Skills of 2024 (and How to Develop Them)​ (LH) ~ Not being a robot is your greatest advantage in the war for work.

🕵🏽‍♀️ ​I Ran a Background Check on a Startup​ (Careerfair) ~ Do your due diligence before accepting that job offer.

🙄 ​The Outdated Concept That’s Biasing Managers Against Remote Work​ (The Hill) ~ Remote work is never the problem.

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👉 ​Campaign Management / Sales​ at AutoSuggest (Worldwide)

👉 ​Senior Front-End Engineer​ at Bonfire (European Timezones)

👉 ​UX/UI Designer​ at AKASHA Foundation (European Timezones)

👉 ​Senior MS Power BI Developer​ at Proxify (CET +/- 3 hours)

👉 ​Fullstack Developer (Node.js, React, NoSQL, SQL)​ at (Europe)

👉 ​Sales Development Representative​ at Discourse (USA)

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