More people—more women—are working remote or hybrid jobs than ever before. Can you believe that?

If you don't have a remote job yet, you will soon. The future of work is remote. Just keep going.


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🤝 ​How to Negotiate a Remote Work Agreement​ (CWM) ~ Have you tried converting your current job into a remote job?

🙌🏽 ​Working Women's Record-Setting Comeback​ (Insider) ~ More women are joining the labor force thanks to remote work!

🍭 ​She Spent 10 Years Studying What Makes Us Happy—Here’s the No. 1 Thing She Overlooked​ (CNBC) ~ This will help you stay sane on stressful days.

👩‍🏭 ​Remote Work Sticks for All Kinds of Jobs​ (WSJ) ~ "Service-industry workers clocked about two more hours of work-from-home time in 2022 than in 2019."

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👉 ​Conversation Practice Partner (Native English Speaker)​ at Tutor Job (USA, Canada, UK)

👉 ​Senior Independent UX/UI Designer at A.Team (Worldwide)

👉 ​Senior Front-end Developer​ at Proxify (Worldwide)

👉 ​Senior Solidity Developer​ at Proxify (Worldwide)

👉 ​EU Product Manager​ at SportyBet (Europe)

👉 ​QA Automation Engineer​ at SportyBet (Europe, Asia)

👉 ​Backend Engineering Manager​ at Close (USA)

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