Today, we're live with a new look!

Why update our Brand Identity?

COVID massively accelerated remote work's awareness.

Many more companies are talking about remote work, we'd love to set ourselves apart in what we do and how we look. We want to keep our unique voice.

So, I connected with Brand Designers I followed on Twitter to better understand how they work. Nicolas Garcia, Paack's Art Director, came in highly recommended, I really enjoyed his portfolio.

Our Old Brand Identity

Then I build an entire presentation titled "Remotive Vibes" where I explained our values, our goals and our history.

For instance, our legacy logo was created on Paint:

We created this logo on... Paint!

We also struggled with a fragmented brand identity:

Our look and feel wasn't coherent... at all!

Nicolas built a mood-board for us, including symbols & illustrations.

We iterated, picked fonts and went through a few iterations.

...until it was finally ready 😀

Our New Brand Identity!

We wanted to continue playing with warm colors to match our friendly tone.

We've also had the Doge as a mascot since 2014. It's too bad that the Doge has been associated with various crypto-schemes in the recent years, we're still excited to keep it as our mascot!

Say hi to our new logo!

What's next

Updating an entire website's look and feel has been a big job.

Special thanks to Nicolas Garcia, our Brand Designer, and Adrien, our CTO, who worked side by side on implementing it.

We'd love to hear how this new look feels to you? Onwards!

➡️ PS: Are you hiring remotely?

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Est. 2014, Remotive helps remote companies hire, such as Square, Zapier, Automattic...