Hiring remotely is hard! What's the best way to attract talented remote workers?

Today I'll explore how Wildbit hires great remote workers. This is the first article of our series on How Top Remote Companies Hire.

Here's what I'll do:

  • I'll put myself in the shoes of someone who had never heard of Wildbit.
  • I'll check out their job description and career page.
  • I'll screenshot and comment my journey!

Disclaimer: Wildbit was a Remotive early customer and Remotive is a happy Wildbit customer 🙏

Wildbit's Remote Job Description

Let's see, Wildbit has a lot going for them:

  • They make multiple profitable SaaS products.
  • They are self-funded, profitable, and have been working remotely since 2000.
  • Clearly indicate the job in “Remote” and time-zone restrictions.
  • Link to their values up-top.

Note: I'm not linking this job description here because it may be filled by the time you read this. Find their Career page and openings here.

So, Wildbit loves to add videos, and that’s amazing. This 2-min video from the hiring manager tells you about the team, company & role.

It's relatable and helps candidates project into the role!

Their job description includes a short summary of the tech stack links to an in-depth technical blog post.  

It signals that the tech team cares about documenting and sharing technical matters. No comments on the role description, it's great as is.

Further down the page, Wildbit created a Public FAQ, a 3-page long Google Doc tailored to this position.

It goes into detail about questions you'd expect to be answered during screening calls, such as:

  • “How is the on-call rotation schedule created?
  • "What's your interview process?”
  • "How is the load shared amongst the team?”

This sets a wonderful example of transparency within the company.

Wildbit also lets candidates ask anonymous questions via Google Form to 1) improve their hiring process and 2) improve their hiring FAQ

I'm now in a job-focused section, straightforward instructions.

I love the last paragraph, encouraging candidates to apply even if they don't meet 100% of the role's requirements, helping more candidates apply.

The timelines feel reasonable and not rushed.

Each step only has 4-6 action items, making it an easy-to-browse read.

Hm, where should we start?

Every perk listed here is amazing. Only the first benefit is linked to a blog post. My sense is they could likely make every benefit clickable for candidates to easily discover their cool blog.

That’s what they did on the environmental policy, where they explain how they are Measuring Wildbit’s Environmental Impact.

Finally, they share their D&I policy. This could possibly be personalized further with links to more details and/or initiatives Wildbit has here.

Wildbit's Career Page

Wildbit built a great career page. You can tell they are thoughtful on content and invested in a great design:

This team of 34, led by a husband-and-wife duo, runs great SaaS products such as Postmark.

They offer unique perks:

They also recorded a video explaining what they are all about:

I like how values are short and understandable. Clicking through sends you to a page where founders discuss values in another video.

They also let people subscribe to openings, which is amazing for teams who wish to create a pipeline of candidates who buy into their philosophy, even if a job may not be ready just yet.

Parting thoughts

  • Wildbit went all-in!

For a team their size, Wildbit has been extremely thoughtful about recruiting. It could be a consequence of being founder-led, having been in business for 20 years, or another number of reasons.

How thoughtful are they, really? Check out this flowchart they created to better explain their hiring process to candidates. Or maybe this 19-page long FAQ doc of how they hire for marketing roles? Bravo! 👏

  • Wildbit shows Vulnerability

Wildbit is comfortable showing vulnerability.

In the two images above, they tell the world what didn't work for them; they even give credit to every employee, past and present, who worked on their products.

This is a sign of maturity; this company isn't afraid to experiment and walk away from products if needed, which is great.

  • Share more about their hiring timeline:

This info is available in the FAQ doc but could be easily missed by those who only read the job description; this could be highlighted in the job description.

  • Share more about location-agnostic pay:

In June 2021, Wildbit announced location-agnostic pay, which is a *HUGE* deal to most remote workers.

This could/should be highlighted and celebrated further, especially in job descriptions.

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