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February 3, 2020

Here's a special edition on "Having a beginner mindset".

No matter how experienced you are, there's always something else to learn. I love chasing situations where I can learn more: Moving to a new country, learning a langage, working remotely...

Would love to hear from you:

How do YOU cultivate having a beginner mindset? Hit me up on Twitter and please let me know :)

PS: I also shared thoughts on how Corona Virus may accelerate remote work...


Our Favorite Articles 💯

  • The Upside of Being an Underdog - ​Are you happy to prove everyone wrong? I personally love being an underdog, which doesn't have to mean "low expectations".
  • Being a Noob - Great Paul Graham essay. "if the feeling of being a noob is good for us, why do we dislike it?​"
  • Remote CEO Handbook - A unique and vulnerable documentation of how this CEO works. Covers most topics, from favorite restaurants​ to personal flaws...
  • My journey to 9 software engineering offers​ - "Look at your job search like a funnel." A great read, part of it can be applied to a remote job search.

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