As Coronavirus spreads from China to the rest of the world, businesses are making decisions to contain the spread.

Air travel has started to slow down, British Airlines and United Airlines cancelled all flights to mainland China (source).

Also, a number of businesses are turning to remote work:

It started in China, then several Hong-Kong and Singapore-based businesses are advising staff to work-from-home.

Work from home as a safety measure

Our sources indicate some Australia-based tech companies are advising staff to work from home - I expect many more businesses to do the same, globally! 😷

I'm not a medical professional, when facing a global outbreak that's fast spreading, it seems wise to let staff work from home, at least for a time.

UPDATE: It's happening....

UPDATE 2: China's Schools going remote... for now?

Stay safe, if you're new to remote work - our community is here to help!

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