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Increasing the world's scientific output.

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About Colabra

Increasing the world's scientific output

Science should be at the cutting edge, but the way it's done has barely changed in decades. We're here to upgrade the scientific method.


Our stance on building software for better science.

Build for the scientists

Scientific software tools should be built with the end users — the scientists — in mind. Making scientists productive is more important than keeping managers happy.

Opinionated software

Scientific software products should be opinionated. It's the only way the product can truly do the heavy lifting for you. Flexible products let everyone invent their own workflows, which leads to avoidable errors and unreproducible science.

Aim for clarity

Don’t add unnecessary features, and keep the interface simple. Don’t invent terms, don’t add complexity where it didn’t exist before. Make scientists’ lives easier.

Write a changelog

Consistent changelogs communicate to the user new features, the value they get from your product, and your commitment to improving it.

Create magical experiences

Many scientists are used to having to use the lowest common denominator of tools for many years, if not decades. Create magical experiences for these scientists, and allow them to do things they never thought possible.

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