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Who Are We?

Let us give it to you straight, because no one has time for fluff (unless you’re talkin’ marshmallow fluff—are you?) How’d we get here? Four years ago, we believed in the power of the book button and its ability to save stylists, barbers, nail technicians, tattoo artists and estheticianstime. We help beauty pros amplify their craft and creativity by building tools to make their lives simpler.

We know what you’re thinking—this is a young and fun company where happy hours are frequent and work consists of free snacks and socializing. Sounds ideal, right? Wrong. While we do enjoy the fun stuff, we take the most pride in owning our roles. Come to work and be present, engaged, and confident that the work you’re doing directly impacts the success of our company and our customers. We’ve come a long way, but we’re looking for people to take us above and beyond because we sure as hell have a ways to go. And on Thursdays, we work extra hard, because happy hour starts at 4 and we can’t be late.

For this particular job, we’re looking for killer field sales managers who can help launch and manage a new Booksy city, build relationships with clients, walk into barbershops and salons and become part of the fabric of the beauty and wellness community by spreading the Booksy word.

Us, in bullet form:

  • 3.5 million people book on Booksy per month worldwide
  • Our logo lives on an office door in 6 different countries
  • Over $20 MILLION in funding thus far, in one dollar notes
  • Our team is made up of over 200 die-hard book-buttoners
  • Babies are cool. They’re also the fullest full-time job we know to exist. We proudly offer 3 months of paid parental leave.
  • We value and respect different trains of thought, styles, outlooks, and all kinds of expression.
  • We’re lucky to have a super diverse mix of clients from all different industries and backgrounds. We strive to make sure our people represent and compliment this diversity.

Before you get too attached, we want to be transparent with you. We are not hand-holders, or babysitters or a step-by-step IKEA instruction manual or a soccer dad holding a travel mug on the sidelines screaming at you to “trap, tap, and go!” We’re doers and seekers who are looking for people with grit, people who can take an inkling of direction, execute against it, and run like the freakin’ wind. We give you permission to ask for forgiveness.

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