Well, this is exciting...

The other day, the U.S. Census Bureau released an interesting map:

Today, I'm sharing even more data! The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (@BLS_gov) shared a new study on "Flexibilities & Work Schedules"...  

It's not very easy to read (see for yourself) so I compiled the most compelling data & findings in a blog post.

Remote work's future is bright my friends! This data was also posted on Twitter.

Note: This data was published in September 2019 based on 2017-2018 data through the American Time Use Survey. This study excludes the self-employed (=freelancers).

25% US wage & salary workers work at home "at least occasionally"  

15% of US wage & salary workers have days they only work at home.

Why do people work from home?

~50% of workers in management, business, & financial operations occupations sometimes worked at home.

More findings on Pay

Among US wage and salary workers, men and women were equally likely to work at home (25%) and about equally likely to receive pay for this work (67% & 66%, respectively)

More findings on Diversity

US wage & salary workers who were Hispanic or Latino were less likely to work at home than workers who were not Hispanic or Latino (13%, compared with 27%).

Blacks were less likely to WFH than Whites or Asians (18%, compared with 26% & 32%, respectively).

More findings on Education

Workers with advanced education were more likely to perform work at home. Among US wage and salary workers age 25+, 47% of those with a BSc degree+ worked at home at least occasionally.

Original source and report on this link, also find the Bureau on Twitter!

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