Getting started working remotely can be tricky, we're here to help!

At Remotive, we've been writing about remote work since 2014.

Here's our guide, rounding up the best resources to get you started.

This article has 3 sections, depending on what you need today:

  • I'm an employee working remotely for the first time.
  • I'm a manager, leading a team remotely for the first time
  • I'm a leader, my company is pushed towards remote. Now what?

Employees working remotely for the 1st time.

So, they told you to work from home, uh?

Yes, everybody say it's fun to "work from home in your PJ's".

Expect that it's not so easy...

As you get started, remember a few things:

  • You're not alone. Nobody has remote work 100% figured out. What matters most is to find a system that works for you and for your company. Most people who go remote start asking less questions because they have less face time with their team. Try to do the opposite. Ask your manager/colleagues questions, stay in touch with everyone. You're not alone in this.
  • Over Communicate. Hardest thing with remote work is knowing when to stop. Most first-time remote workers overwork, often because they haven't discussed what "a full remote work day" means. Talk to your manager about it. Are you expected to put in certain hours, to simply do your tasks, a mixture of both? Not knowing can be stressful!
  • Take Breaks. You need to keep fresh. Brew some coffee, walk the dog, stretch. Make sure you walk away from all screens every couple of hours. Sitting in multi-hours video meetings WILL exhaust you.

Have specific questions? We're here to help! Shoot me a Twitter DM or hit me up on our Slack Community.

Further readings and resources:

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Managers leading a team remotely for the 1st time.

Managing remotely can be tricky.

#1 thing to know? Communication is everything.

Setting expectations and ensuring you keep your team's trust through transparency will make or break this remote experience.

  • Connect with management: Find out how execs want to do this. Is this going to be "business as usual, but remotely?". Will you have different objectives? Going remote is a huge shift for your reports, ensure you get a clear mission from the higher ups as you go remote. Else, trust may erode quickly among your team.
  • Set Expectations: Teams going remote overnight may feel lost. Social interactions, office chatters and meetings: everything just got shuffled. It's your responsibility to share what's expected of employees, if you don't, they'll feel puzzled. Unless your team is ready for asynchronous work, here's what to do: Set up 1:1s with team members, set-up office hours and a regular team meetings. Share what's expected of them often and early.
  • Gather Feedback: Through this new norm, keep asking questions. How does working remotely feel? How can I support you? Bring this back to fellow managers and Execs, adapting on the fly isn't easy, they need your input.

Pro-tip: Watch this hour-long webinar, it will help a ton...

Have specific questions? Shoot me a Twitter DM or hit me up on our Slack Community.

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Leaders pushed to operate a remote company.

Due to Coronavirus, you may have to ask your entire organization to go remote.

It's a fairly big shift, we've been working with remote leaders for several year.

Here are resources that can help, we're here to answer any questions you have:

  • Haven't gone remote just yet?

You need to figure out your Company's Emergency Remote-Work plan:

What’s Your Company’s Emergency Remote-Work Plan?
Five steps to prepare for a potential disruption.
  • Are you worried about Business Continuity?

Get inspiration from how Coinbase handled this. Also, check out Stripe and Gitlab. Interestingly, universities also have continuity plans;

Remote Teaching Resources for Business Continuity
Form Responses 1 Submit New Links here: ,Spreadsheet Managed by:<a href=“”></a>,<a href=“”>Daniel Stanford, Director of Faculty Development & Technology Innovation, Center for Teaching and Learning, DePaul University</a>
  • Do you have specific questions?

Shoot me a Twitter DM or hit me up on our Leadership Community.

Leadership - Online Community for Remote Leaders
The Best Online Communityfor Remote Leaders. Learn from the best remote CEO, CTO, VP...
Further readings and resources:
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Remotive helps you hire remote employees: Hire remotely today!