Every week, we share the story of an inspiring Remote Worker and Remotive reader, here is Mark's story:

1.- Can you please tell us a bit more about: Who are you, and what do you do? :)

My name is Mark Railton (aka. Railto) and I have been a web developer for A Small Orange since October 2014.

For roughly 18 months before that I worked in live support and technical support roles with A Small Orange.

When not working I am either enjoying time with family and friends, or out on the golf course trying to dig my way out of the sand traps.

2.- Why do you work remotely, and how does it feel?

Since October 2011 I have lived in Abu Dhabi with my wife who is a teacher.

I had been mostly studying from home and also looking after our son.

In February 2013 I was itching to get back to work, however the city we live in is not a great place for tech jobs and I was not prepared to spend approx 4 hours per day commuting to Dubai for work.

A friend mentioned that the company she worked for was looking for more people and that a good portion of the company worked remote.

I stuck in an application and a couple of weeks later I started on my remote working journey.

3.- What software do you use?

I have a couple of key software tools that I use in my day to day work.

I tend to go between PHP Storm and Atom for writing/editing code depending on the task.

For testing I use Chrome/Firefox/Safari as well as the OS:X terminal.

Finally, for communications we use a mix of Jabber and Google Hangouts for meetings

4.- What would be your ideal setup?

I love the setup I have now with my 2013 MacBook Pro, 24" monitor and iPad (as a third monitor via duet.app).

I'm going to be moving back to Ireland in July and am considering replacing the iPad as a screen with another 24" monitor so that I have 2 of them, likely on a manoeuvrable stand.

I'm also considering a standing desk, tho not sure if that's going to happen.

Thanks Mark ! You can find Mark (Railto) on Twitter over here :)

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