Two days ago, Andela laid off up to 400 junior developers across Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria.


Because "the company can no longer place as many junior engineers as required". Andela feels like placing junior developers is too tricky, here's Quartz coverage and TechCrunch coverage about it.

So, Andela is parting ways with the developer training programs. They will now focus on senior talent (read up about it here).

What's next?

Tons of people stepped in and helped out through the hashtag #andelalayoff.

When I read about it, it reminded me of what happened with Uber's marketing lay off last month. Employees self-organized to find themselves new jobs, adding their contact details.

So... can you guess what happened next? Yep, I created a spreadsheet to help those junior developers connect with companies that may want to hire them remotely!

We now have a LIVE list with 250+ ex-Andelans who added themselves...

Access the list here

If you're hiring junior developers, you'll find amazing available talent on that list :)

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