At Remotive, we love listing remote companies. In 2020, we identified 2,500 startups hiring remotely!

Among those cool companies, a few stand out... They all have unique teams, stories and values. If you're looking for inspiration - check them out!

Check out those 10 remote startups who do things differently ⬇️

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What they do: "Help build the workplace of the future…"

Why we love them: Doist is top remote work advocate. They hire international talent, including Junior profile.

Check out what Amir - their CEO - has to say about a new remote employee initiative:

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What they do: "Build your audience and grow your brand on social media"

Why we love them: I worked at Buffer for 3 years and had an awesome time. Couldn't be more excited to recommend Buffer as a virtual workplace!

Read up from Courtney, who's an awesome person and a thought-leader:

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What they do: Help Scout is the all-in-one platform designed to convert, support, and delight your customers.

Why we love them: HelpScout is inspiring tons of remote teams out there. Nick, their CEO, is thoughtful & intentional about welcoming more voices. He inspired our Gender Diversity in Remote Work Leadership in 2020.

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What they do: Fiercely independent, professional publishing

Why we love them: Ghost does things differently. They are a non-profit organization that takes remote seriously. They are trialing a path for SaaS companies, let's hear from John, their CEO:

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What they do: We help companies grow by making great content that their audience loves.

Why we love them: I love how intentional Animalz is about culture. Applicants can join a webinar on how it feels to work there. Let's hear from Julia, Director of People Operations:

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Some of the MURAL team

What they do: "Think and collaborate visually. Anywhere, anytime."

Why we love them: The MURAL team has been rocking remote work for a while. MURAL is remote AND builds a remote-friendly product. Let's hear from Bat, their CEO:

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What they do: "Expert eCommerce"

Why we love them: Remote work has no secret for the SkyVerge team. They are listed on our Remote Companies Retreats Database 2020. The team loves doing retreats right! Let's hear from Beka, their Head of Product:

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What they do: "Designed to make your communication matter."

Why we love them: Piktochart has a base in Kuala Lumpur, Malysia! I love how articulate they are about their hiring process, outlining their process from A to Z! Let's hear from Ai Ching, their CEO:

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At Synaigy Hackathon 2018

What they do: "Frontend as a Service"

Why we love them: Frontastic has a base in Germany and hires all over Europe. They are growing and keen to do remote right. They found one of their team members through Remotive Slack Community!

Visit their Career Page!

What they do: "Monitor outgoing API calls in real-time. Shield your app against API limits and failures."

Why we love them: Bearer is an up-and-coming french startup who loves to share their learnings. The team has great plans for 2020 - keep an eye on them!

Visit their Career Page - N/A just now, stay tuned :)

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