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The Association of Test Prep, Admissions, and Private Tutoring (TPAPT) is a national consortium of over 12,000 Locally Owned and Operated Tutoring & College Advising Programs.

Our group is driven by a common desire to deliver on the promise of student success by constantly improving organizational effectiveness.

Our members, friends, and affiliates observe a Code of Professional Ethics in the form of clear expectation-setting and a straightforward tutoring guarantee.

As a nonprofit association, TPAPT also offers Professional Development, Standards-Based SAT/ACT Tutor Training, and centralized Marketing & Operations Support to local educational services and community based organizations.

If you are honest, believe in the power of education, and have a bit of an entrepreneurial bent, check out the rest of the site. If you like what you see, we invite you to join the community.

Founder: Kevin Organisciak, MA/MEd

Kevin has a background in Educational Psychology and Organizational Behavior. He served as the Vice President of Kaplan Test Prep's Northeast Territory where his team delivered record level growth in CAGR, profitability, and most importantly, student score improvement.

In 2004, Kevin co-created the Kaplan Higher Score/Money Back Guarantee which, as it turns out, was an industry game-changer.

The basic premise of that guarantee required students and tutors to be mutually accountable for academic success. That "shared accountability" is foundational to all of the programs we support through TPAPT.

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