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About Sismo

The Sismo team is made up of experienced cryptonatives who have been working on Ethereum since 2015 on projects like Aave, Sandbox, Kleros, and ConsenSys. The team is passionate about privacy-preserving decentralized technologies and is eager to bring them to mainstream usage.

Sismo's core mission is to develop an attestation protocol focused on decentralization, usability and privacy. Sismo attestations are built so they can be easily used by web2 and web3 applications as a reputation and access control tool. Sismo aims to contribute to the emergence of a decentralised version of SSOs, based on web3 login and attestations.

Sismo raised $10m in 2021 from founders and investors from top crypto teams including AAVE, Axie Infinity, Product Hunt, Snapshot, ENS, Naval Ravikant, Nansen, Starkware, Delphi Digital, Ideo, Framework, Fabric Ventures, and many more.

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