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Raycast lets you control your tools with a few keystrokes. It’s designed to keep you focused.

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As builders, we optimize for output. For this, we use tools that let us achieve more with less effort. A great tool sits on the sideline, waits to be used and then gets the job done. Afterwards, it gets out of the way again. Today's workplaces are the opposite: Collaboration harms productivity, notifications scream for attention and websites are clumsy.

We aim to calm this mess by providing a simple user interface that reduces tools to their core functionality. Raycast is designed to keep their users focused. It optimizes for the shortest path from intent to action without any detours. The ephemeral app is accessible from anywhere on a Mac and fully keyboard-driven.

Many highly-rewarding productivity tools are custom to the setup of individuals or teams. To support such setups, we’re providing the toolkit for developers to automate their every-day tasks. On top, we're establishing a community to shape an ecosystem of productivity tools.

Join our fully distributed team to make work frictionless and change how developers control, build and share their productivity tools.

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