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Livestorm is the all-in-one video communication platform for companies looking to implement a powerful video communication strategy. Founded in 2016, Livestorm enables companies to promote, host and analyze their online events. We’re building the future of unified video communication: an all-in-one video communication platform that connects to your tools and lives in your browser.

Livestorm has been built with ease-of-use in mind. We serve companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500s. Shopify, Honda, Oracle, Spendesk, Front, Sephora or Revolut trust Livestorm to organize their meetings, webinars or online events.

Life & Diversity

Livestorm is a remote-first company and we are looking for the best talent, no matter where you live. Our headquarters are based in Paris, but our Stormies are working from all over the world: whether it’s Madrid, Dallas, Brussels, Lisbon, Amsterdam or Berlin. We aim to deliver the best experience to our customers, while enabling all of our teammates to constantly learn and grow. By joining Livestorm, you’ll be able to have a real impact in your role: everyone is approachable and the information is shared constantly during our weekly meetings to ensure that you have everything at hand to be successful at Livestorm.

Even though we're spread across the globe, Stormies connect weekly for virtual coffee breaks, afterworks, and games. Plus, we host two yearly offsites where everyone comes together in real life!

Applying process

Just click on the link to apply, upload your resume and answer a few questions and a member of our TA team will talk to you soon!


  • Resourcefulness: We go that extra mile in the most efficient way.
  • Curiosity: We have interest in whatever is happening with the other teams.
  • Humility: We strive to remove the ego from the equation to gain perspective.
  • Ownership: We go from A to Z and to put things in motion, own our wins and failures.
  • Transparency: We share the good and the bad alike.

Perks & Benefits


🗺 Work from anywhere you want:

    🏡 Home (participation for equipment and costs, according to our expense policy)
    🏢 Paris office (snacks, drinks, afterworks...)
    💼 Coworking space (covered up to €300 including VAT per month, or local currency equivalent)
    🚉 Business trips are covered (according to our internal T&E policies)
    🚲 Sustainable mobility package for daily trips to go to work

🎉 Cheer up your Stormie life:

    🎿 Off-sites twice a year
    🕹 Weekly activities (online board games, riddles...)
    👐 Teambuildings
    🗣 Monthly Talking times
    💙 Take care of yourself (with

🇺🇸 Specific US benefits:

    💊 Health Plan: Medical, Dental, Vision: Platinum plan Gusto (100% employee + 70% dependent)
    ⛑ Life insurance: $50K worth of life insurance
    🧑‍🦳 401K: 5% employee + 2% company match after 6 months tenure
    👶 Parental leave: 16 weeks 1st parent and 5 weeks 2nd parent
    🏝 PTO days: 25 days

Tech Stack

As part of the tech team, you will join a crew of experts working on building the best product possible using the latest technologies andwithout compromise on the code legacy. Our engineers are former entrepreneurs, open source developers, and experts in their fields.

We leverage WebRTC to power the video behind Livestorm, and the application is powered by Ruby on Rails 5 & Apollo GraphQL with Vue.js and AWS.

Our tools include:

  • Github
  • Circle CI
  • Sentry
  • Sidekiq
  • ActionCable
  • Tailwind
  • Docker
  • Terraform
  • Many others


Follow this link to learn about our stack:

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