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 🌎 Work remotely wherever you want to

🏄 Experience an amazing team offsite every quarter

💪 Build a product that helps thousands of teams & users around the world

🚀 Move fast and learn a lot in the challenging environment of a fast-growing startup.


At GitBook we're developing a modern documentation platform where teams can document everything from products to internal knowledge-bases and APIs. Our ambition is to empower team's intelligence! We want to help teams work more efficiently by creating a single place to leverage their knowledge.


GitBook first started as an open-source project, the product has evolved a lot and is now used by more than 500,000 users and teams such as Google (internal knowledge base), Netflix (design system), or Adobe (product doc).


We've achieved amazing results from which we're very proud of, but we want to go even further : we defined a very ambitious roadmap for the year ahead and we're working on an important next product step to redefine "core team work"! As you may have understand, the bulk of the work hasn't been done yet and we have a lot to do to reach our level of ambition.


GitBook is sustained by some of the best SaaS europeans VCs (Point 9 Capital, Notion Capital, Fly VC), used by over 500,000 users and thousands of companies such as Adobe, Adeo, Coursera, Decathlon, DuckDuckGo or Redux.


Well the best way to learn about GitBook is still to test our product! 😀

Applying process

First, you need to send us your application to express your interest and we will review it (of course we'll get back to you whatever the decision)🙂


As the next step, our Talent Acquisition Manager will call you so the both of you will be able to ensure there is a correlation between GitBook's expectations, the role and your own expectations.


Then, you will be meeting with two members of our team to share about role specifics such as required skills, knowledge, abilities as well as working environment, day-to-day life... We might also suggest you to carry out a workshop so you'll have a concrete vision of GitBook's daily life in the specific role. 


Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to discuss with one of GitBook's founders about vision and ambitions, and ensure there is a fit with our culture and core values.


Finally, you will have the opportunity to meet with the entire team to determine if we would like to work together on a daily basis and share drink/lunches after work.  


Our values are designed to be a guideline to go from where we stand to where we want to go. They reflect us as a team and shape our culture.


You will be an addition to our culture as:


  • you always have Ambition (Aim Higher) for the next step of your work, whether it’s building a feature, improving a team process, etc.
  • you have a deep sense of Ownership (Take control & Own it) as when you observe a problem, you don’t wait for someone to fix it, but you take the responsibility of fixing it.
  • you have a sense of Accountability (Be accountable to results) as you are focused on outcomes (not on efforts).
  • you Care (Give a shit) and empathises with customers as you take the time to understand their frustrations, needs, and root-problems. Which also proxy to the team as you help them achieve and learn; to better serve our mission.
  • you are able to Train (Grow yourself) as, when facing an unknown challenge, you learn from it to create leverage for the team.
  • you are Genuine (Say it and accept it) as you are candid, respectful and transparent in your communication.
  • you are a Team player (Leverage the team) as you acknowledge that leveraging the team and different skills enables to create an outcome that's bigger than the sum of it's part.
  • you are an Architect (Plan & Build) as you value building long-term solutions beyond simple day-to-day execution. You start new projects breadth-first, solve the broad easy problems first and then dive into the details. 


Perks & Benefits

🛋️ 100% remote

🏄 1 offsite per quarter 

🏖️ 5 weeks PTO, plus bank holidays

👩‍💻 Dedicated budget for coworking space

🖥️ Dedicated budget for home office set-up

Tech Stack

We’re working on a server-less architecture (using Firebase and Google Cloud services) in NodeJS and React (both in Typescript). To know more about our technical stack do not hesitate to have a look at our GitBook page.

Useful Links

Learn more about us on our blog!

Gitbook Career Page
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