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About CEL

Founded in 2005, CEL is a firm specialised in Supply Chain providing IT solutions, consultancy and training B2B services around the world. We are a team of multinational people with various domain of expertise ranging from business, to data science, to logistics, to software development, to finance… A nice blend of domain and technology expertise.

CEL is putting together a full product team to create a ground breaking Simulation As A Service offer that will deeply impact the supply chain industry.

Why is Supply Chain important?

Take a second and look around you - everything you see has came to you through a supply chain, starting from a natural resource into your home through hundreds of activities more or less coordinated so you have what you want when you want.

So Supply Chain is everything of the physical world. Without supply chains, there are no businesses, no jobs, no buildings, no economy, nothing.

So we think that it’s kind of important.

After 15 years of working with hundred of companies that make and distribute their products (from milk to shoes, from furniture to cement, from electronics to vegetables….) we have came to a simple conclusion: it is too complex for people to operate properly. Current IT system, organisation, processes actually don’t help much. All these networks of flows are inherently inefficient.

Why? Complexity. No human brain is capable to comprehend the actual dynamics of such complex systems. No IT tool, no ERP, no fancy solution is actually taking a holistic view of the problem, instead each of these focus on improving small pieces.

The result? massive wastes of resources, enormous amount of inventory, unnecessary impact on the environment… and ultimately rare are the cases when supply actually meets demand, creating massive systemic effect and rather low customer satisfaction. Pure waste.

So we decided to really do something about it.

We are currently developing a product that that combines technologies like Data Science, Simulation Modelling, Cloud computing - backed up with years of business experience - to help companies actually assess what their future could look like and figure out what alternatives exist.

To replace the common approach of guessing what could happen, we are aiming at answering “What if” questions in an easy, sexy and fast manner.

Imagine you could simulate various scenario of your own future, would your life decisions be better? Most likely!

If the challenge is of interest to you, if you are keen to understand how product-driven businesses actually works, if you are willing to make full use of your systemic thinking and bridge the gap between the physical and virtual world, and if you have the competencies we are after, then we may pretty much want to work together to change the world!

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