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Brex offers everything you need to grow your business, from credit and capital to spend management software and live support.

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At Brex, We’re reimagining financial systems so every growing company can realize their full potential. We’re here to serve the next generation of business.


Companies starting up today are at the cutting edge of how business gets done. Restaurants have evolved into cloud kitchens that sell through delivery apps, retail stores are online brands first, and the traditional small business is built on tech tools. They’re doing things differently, inventing new paths, breaking the old way.

The internet made almost everything you need to run a business more accessible: marketing tools, servers, email accounts—except for money. Everything about business has changed, but banks have not. The small businesses of the future are looking more like startups, and banks can't build what they need.

To realize their potential, they need products that empower this new way of thinking and keep them moving. You should be able to apply for financial services like you set up an email address—in minutes, all online.

So we’re building the financial OS to integrate the services and software they’ll need along their way. While they build the future, we’ll be building everything businesses will need to launch confidently, scale fast, and realize their full potential. 

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