AssessFirst has been operating since 2002. They began by positioning themselves in the behavioural assessment segment.

Today, they are the leader in predictive recruitment based on potential analysis. Their clients assess hundreds of thousands of people each year with the goal of recruiting incredible performers and extraordinarily committed people.

They believe that a person's potential is way more powerful and successful than just a CV or a school. They are interested in "who you are" and what you can do more than what you have already done. And it's these values that they pass on to companies around the world! 🌍 (more than 3500 in about 40 countries!)

Perks & Benefits

International 🌍

Good talent doesn't just grow in Paris… Everyone has the opportunity to work wherever they want, in France or abroad.


Remote physical meetings:

100% remote does not mean that we work in a cave! In order to allow everyone to be the best they can be when working, we have set up several options to facilitate meetings:

  • An individual annual budget for inter/intra team seminars.
  • An annual subscription paid by AssessFirst, to rent coworking spaces up to 5 days per month.
  • Every six months, we take 3 days to work together in a new location. We quickly realised that these events/seminars were super unifying. The kind of events that leave an indelible mark on everyone: a big impact on cohesion and the feeling of belonging to the company!


The equipment 💻

In addition to the computer equipment, which is 100% covered by AssessFirst, everyone has access to a catalog of equipment to equip themselves and work comfortably: desk, ergonomic chair, lamp, screen, headphones, etc.


Working 100% remotely means being able to work (theoretically) from anywhere! Ok, fine. But what about the salary? If an employee moves to the provinces, is his or her salary lowered? (...as it is done traditionally in most companies) At AssessFirst, we have decided to pay people according to our Parisian salaries, regardless of where they work in France.

Asynchronous work 💼📂

Everyone should be able to follow their natural rhythm. Manage your time and be able to do your shopping in off-peak hours, schedule medical appointments, etc.


Organisation and methodology

4 teams responsible for each part of our application, each team being led by a Product Owner/Lead Dev pair, responsible for putting each developer in their team in ideal working conditions, both in terms of specifications and organisation of the team, mutual support, reviews and skills development.


In our full remote organisation, we favour voice exchanges via Discord rather than avalanches of useless emails In terms of management, we focus on people rather than just skills, just as we do when we recruit (surprising). The aim? Continuous improvement and the spectacular progress of each team member, who is listened to (and heard).

Evolution/Internal Mobility

At AssessFirst, we don't put our staff into "boxes". From developer to PO or Lead Dev, from the science team to the Q&A team... Internal mobility, development, there are many possibilities to let you express your full potential.



At AssessFirst, we all know that the way companies recruit today is completely fucked up. Our mission is to change that. Because at the end of the day, it's on the basis of potential that we recruit the best people.


Do you know the difference between those who live their lives and those who make it extraordinary? Those who make a five-star life for themselves just tend to ask for more than the others. "If there's something in the company that doesn't suit you, if you think we're doing it wrong, raise your hand and Speak Up!"


Every day, we participate in the advancement and realisation of our Mission. This does not necessarily mean "doing something that shows". What is important is to get closer to your goals, to move CONCRETELY in the right direction.


The worst thing that can happen in the company is to do "not bad" things. You're not there to make a "good" product, to send a "good" presentation to a client, or to respond "good" to a user who is in pain.


At AssessFirst, we are true to ourselves in every situation. We don't try to be someone else, to play a role. Everyone should be able to be themselves, 100%


At AssessFirst, we will always encourage you to think BIG and dream big. But dreams without execution are just sweet plans.


Why did we switch to full remote?

With the Covid crisis, nearly 8 million French people discovered remote work. If this proved tricky for some, most people had a good experience. So much so that some people have started to dream of this famous "After World", and this is the case with AssessFirst.

We believe that you don't need to keep an eye on people to get them to work... You need to have an inspiring mission, recruit the right people, set clear objectives for each of them, give them the means and trust them to do the job.

Tech Stack


Boosted by algorithms and a good dose of AI, our technical architecture is powered by a modern and powerful stack.

  • Decoupled (Headless) via the use of the winning combination of Vue.JS / GraphQL / Laravel - Lumen / Couchbase - MySQL with a strong attachment to open source technologies
  • Orchestrated by our Core team via a full CI/CD with a TDD and automation-oriented vision.


but also:

  • Knowledge sharing meetings / R&D presentations twice a month
  • Team building in places that are always more pleasant than the others
  • Writing technical articles (Blog, Medium) in order to share with the rest of the world our discoveries, disappointments and other use cases...
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