We're delighted to share the story of an inspiring Remote Worker and Remotive reader, here is Aline's story:

1.- Can you please tell us a bit more about: Who are you, and what do you do? :)

I'm a startup reporter covering Arab startups and I've founded The Blue House, a startup getaway nested in a Moroccan fishing village, now on Indiegogo.

We want to find the best way to help startups work better.

2.- Why do you work remotely, and how does it feel?

I started working remotely because I wanted to be able to travel and work at the same time.

I feel like traveling helps me put things in perspective.

I can never really get lazy because I'm changing of environment so often, every time I move I get inspired, I meet new people, I get new ideas, I want to achieve more while saving time to do new things.

3.- What software do you use?

I use Telegram for messaging on mobile and desktop, Pocket for saving articles to read in airports' lines, Asana for project management, Buffer for social media, Dropbox for saving large documents and pictures, Google Docs for everything else (managing contact lists, budget, etc), Evernote for archiving everything (that allows me to manage my bills remotely, remember average prices in every country I go, etc), and finally Inbox for managing the email load.

4.- What would be your ideal setup?

Now that I've created The Blue House, I spend most of my time working with ocean view in a peaceful village, so that's pretty ideal.

But when I travel, I'd kill for a packable standing desk and a screen; that would make work much more comfortable.

Thanks Aline! You can find Aline on Twitter over here :), and the Blue House right there!

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