March 28, 2022

Looking for a job? Here's my tip of the day: On your resume, be as specific as possible.

If I was applying for a job, instead of saying I "write the Remotive Newsletter", I would say:

"Compose a bi-weekly newsletter sent to 32,000+ remote workers/job seekers. Increased average open rate by 3%."


Our Favorite Articles 💯

How to Vet a Remote Workplace (HBR) ~ Ask about the company culture and remote work strategy before accepting the job.

🔥 Working Remotely, Some Transgender People Saw an Opportunity to Change (NYT) ~ An unexpected benefit of remote work.

Calendar Mastery to Support Wellbeing (LinkedIn) ~ How to master calendar planning to kickstart your remote work routine.

👔 In 10 Years, ‘Remote Work’ Will Simply Be ‘Work’ (Bloomberg) ~ Interview with a Harvard professor who studies fully remote companies.​

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