Every week, we share the story of an inspiring Remote Worker and Remotive reader, here is Shannon's story:

1.- Can you please tell us a bit more about: Who are you, and what do you do? :)

My name is Shannon Byrne, I founded asongaday.co, hand-picked songs based on your preferences from a community of curators delivered to your inbox Mon-Fri.

I'm also the Chief Content Officer for CloudPeeps.com, talent marketplace that connects businesses with freelance professionals whose skills and passions will help you get the job done.

2.- Why do you work remotely, and how does it feel?

I work remotely because it provides the freedom to get work done when I am most productive and creative.

It feels great to work on my own schedule, as it allows me to balance my full-time job and grow my side project while doing import life things that keep me sane, such as go for mid-day runs.

3.- What software do you use?

The CloudPeeps team uses Slack for almost all organizational communications. I'm also a member of about seven other channels that keep me connected to fellow marketers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and friends. We also use GitHub to communicate about anything product-related.

We rely on Asana to track day-to-day tasks and Trello to stay on the same page and move forward on our product roadmap. I also use Trello for A Song A Day's roadmap.

I live and breath Google docs and Google sheets for all content projects and for A Song A Day operations. In addition to those, I use TeuxDeux.com to keep track of my personal daily to-do list.

4.- What would be your ideal setup?

Having an assistant to manage my email for me? JK. I feel like my process is always a work in progress, but I am constantly taking bits and pieces from what has worked for others and applying it to my workflow.

If there's a dream setup out there, I'd definitely like to find it! :)

Thanks Shannon! You can find Shannon on Twitter over here :)

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