Every week, we share the story of an inspiring Remote Worker and Remotive reader, here is Klaus's story:

1.- Can you please tell us a bit more about: Who are you, and what do you do? :)

My name is Klaus Pillon, and I've been a freelance concept artist and Illustrator for the past two years.

I specialize in environment design and I've worked on video games (here's one of them which is almost at the beta stage) as well as tabletop games and book covers.

2.- Why do you work remotely, and how does it feel?

I started as a freelance from the beginning, slowly getting a foot in the door of the entertainment industry.

Working remotely is what feels the most natural for me.

I started with a few struggles such as self-discipline, time management and so on... Probably like many remote workers out there :)

But after some time it began to be easier and now I fully enjoy this way of working.

3.- What software do you use?

I mainly use Photoshop for all my work, sometimes I like to go back to 3D with 3ds Max (I have a degree in 3D production) and mix it in the process.

4.- What would be your ideal setup?

A good chair, a powerful workstation that can be easily luggable and calm surroundings is all I need.

A great view is definitely a plus when taking breaks !

Thanks Klaus! You can find Klaus on Twitter over here :)

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