Tools we 💚

Here are some of the tools we use here at Remotive. I'll keep this list updated if and when I change or adopt new ones. Have recommendations? Tweet us!

Disclaimer: I have affiliate relationships with some of the companies below. Any tool I've listed here is one that we use ourselves and would recommend in any case. If you signup via one of these links, we may earn a commission at no cost to you.


Ghost Pro

Ghost offers an impeccable open-source blogging platform. Remotive starting blogging on Ghost in 2015, we absolutely love it!


Podia is our one-stop-shop for online courses. Built by a fast-growing remote team...


Doist keeps us sane and organized, can’t recommend it enough! Doist also champions asynchronous remote work. More info about Doist company.


Online meetings made easy! Built by a remote team.


We sent millions of emails thanks to ConvertKit, they have our back... remotely of course!


Our Webinar tool to share the remote work gospel.

Don’t let the coffee grinder ruin your calls, use Krisp :)

Digital Ocean

Remotive is hosted by Digital Ocean. Get a $100 credit over 60 days through this link!


Bose QC35 II Headphones

I use my QC35 every-single-day. Best Hardware purchase ever!

Jarvis Stand-up Desk, by Fully

I recorded a video to share my setup...

Roost Laptop Stand

If you’re working from coffee shops, try the Roost, your back will thank you!

Minaal Backpacks

I've been travelling with both bags since 2015. They follow me everywhere.