Drupal Developer @Phase2 Technology
Software Development
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Remote Location 🇺🇸 USA
Job Type Full-time
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[Hiring] Drupal Developer @Phase2 Technology

May 23, 2023 - Phase2 Technology is hiring a remote Drupal Developer. 📍Location: USA.

Why Phase2?

Our remote first employees join and stay at Phase2 to be a force. In pursuit of digital experience that advances the human experience, you will do your best work, live fully, and succeed as team.

We are a digital agency rooted in technology, passionate about customer experience, and grounded in data and insights. We guide industry-leading companies to what’s next in their digital landscape. In short, we make digital products that inspire, engage, and create impact.

A Developer is able to take on significant pieces of client projects with guidance on desired implementation approach. They demonstrate proficiency in multiple languages and frameworks common to Phase2’s projects and mastery of at least one. A developer is also able to perform requirements analysis and evaluate technology fit for basic projects.

This position reports to: Sr. Developer or Architect

Pay Scale: $84,000 - 112,000

Job Responsibilities

  • Break down functional requirements into technical tasks
  • Communicate with clients to clarify requirements and discuss solution options
  • Estimate development tasks
  • Design data structures and schemas
  • Suggest improvements to software systems
  • Lead portions of the project development process
  • Troubleshoot operational issues to determine root cause and performs resolution
  • Manage codebase to create releases and deploy code to production systems
  • Mentor developer assistants
  • Provide self-documenting code and system design and operational documentation as required
  • Meet periodically with a mentor/manager/team lead to keep on track with development
  • Accept constructive feedback and seeks assistance as needed
  • Perform code reviews on pull requests

Minimum Qualifications

  • Meets all qualifications for a Developer’s Apprentice
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Thoroughly understands advanced version control concepts (branching, merging)
  • Proficiency with git (Branching, merging, pull-requests, rebasing, etc.)
  • Shows mastery in at least 1 technical area (example: application development with or without use of a framework like Symfony, Rails, etc.).
  • Understands SQL including when to use JOINS and aggregation functions (GROUP BY)
  • Comfortable designing database tables for data storage (understands normalization, foreign keys, data integrity)
  • Can implement portions of a system to meet specific business requirements given a technical design
  • Can implement user stories with medium levels of complexity
  • Can identify contradictory requirements and suggest resolutions
  • Understands the process of software development
  • Is able to clearly communicate technical information in a non technical manner
  • Is proficient in web development concepts (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Proficient in a language like PHP/Ruby/Python
  • Drupal specific - comfortable creating a module to implement functionality
  • Can be given an analysis task for a technology and can detail the questions that should be asked for evaluation
  • Understands how that technology would fit within the bigger picture and identifies things to learn about the technology in order to answer questions about the fit
  • Reports back with findings/teach others what they’ve learned

Preferred Qualifications
  • Has built and maintained multiple websites or web applications
  • Proficient with multiple programming languages with preference for those frequently used in web development (PHP/Ruby/JavaScript)
  • Familiar with continuous integration systems and build tools (Jenkins, Phing)
  • Familiar with deployment automation tools (Capistrano, Git based deployment techniques)

Advancement Criteria

Phase2 is committed to transparency for career advancement. Eligibility for advancement is dependent on:

  • Performance Management evaluation history indicating strong performance and exceeding expectations of current role;
  • Consistent demonstration of successfully executing the minimum qualifications of the next level
  • Endorsement from senior leadership and peers

The typical advancement path is to: Sr. Developer

Working at Phase2

At Phase2, we want you to be a force. Not for just one thing, but for your thing: the intersection of your expertise and your passion. And we will help you achieve it.

You are not just your expertise. You are a whole and complete story, and we invite all of it. We live fully with dynamic careers because we know that your best self is your whole self. That means we build authentic relationships with each other, there is no hidden home life, your schedule is your own, and the quirks that define you are storied.

Our formula for impact weaves together our brains and our spirits. We enchant with logic and lead with courage. We are questioners, nerds, and inventors — logicians at heart who meet challenges with curiosity and a “what’s next” spirit.

When we work as one, we are potent and powerful. We succeed together. Your team will give you the autonomy you want and will always challenge, support, and advocate for you — and together you will achieve more than you ever could alone.

We live our passion — ignite change and share it with the world.

Learn more about all that we offer to help you succeed and live a full life.

About The Company

We are a digital agency passionate about customer experience, grounded in data and insights, and rooted in two decades of successful technology delivery.

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Drupal Developer @Phase2 Technology
Software Development
Salary -
Remote Location 🇺🇸 USA
Job Type Full-time
Posted 2wks ago
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🇺🇸 Be aware of the location restriction for this remote position: USA Only
Beware of scams! When applying for jobs, you should NEVER have to pay anything. Learn more.
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