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Senior Content Manager @Test Double
Salary -
Remote Location remote USA, Canada
Job Type Full-time
Posted 1mth ago
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[Hiring] Senior Content Manager @Test Double

Apr 10, 2023 - Test Double is hiring a remote Senior Content Manager. 📍Location: USA, Canada.

The Senior Content Manager at Test Double drives content creation and execution, edits and coaches content contributors, and crafts content that impacts growth.

Test Double’s mission is to improve the broken industry of software development. Empathetic and helpful marketing helps accomplish this goal by sparking interest, building trust, and inspiring change. The Senior Content Manager focuses on designing and implementing content strategies to grow brand awareness and fuel sales and recruitment enablement. Success is found in this role at the intersection of content creation, brand voice, and getting stuff done.

What do we mean by “Empathetic and Helpful Marketing”?
  • Our brand was built on sharing bold opinions empathetically and grew organically by delighting clients and employees resulting in a virtuous cycle of referrals
  • Our marketing uses thought leadership and content as a foundation for sparking interest and building trust by helping others who care about the same things we do
  • Our content reflects an authentic, vulnerable experience of software and its limitations
What it means to be a Senior Content Manager at Test Double

Are you tired of being a content cog in a demand gen wheel? This role allows you to design a content creation strategy to support both brand and demand—plus implement it the way you think is best. You’ll play a critical role in developing content and campaigns that are relatable and punchy. And you’ll help the marketing director build a more human demand gen model focused on content strategy to drive sustainable growth aligned to mission, values, and culture.


Focus areas within this include creative strategy; creating powerful content to inspire, educate, and spur action; and getting things done across editorial, design, distribution, and promotion. You will flex your storytelling and problem solving capabilities in large content projects. You’ll also manage the day-to-day content pipeline and be an empathetic editor to creative and analytical senior software developers working in Ruby/Rails, JavaScript/React, and DevOps, among others. Direct technical writing is not required, but you will distill complex technical ideas into catchy messaging.


You’ll work on a team where brand voice is important, we take an indie rock approach to tools, and we’re willing to push the boundaries of B2B marketing.


  • Drive content creation to grow thought leadership, brand awareness, and ultimately leads
  • Editorial management including focusing topics for pitching to our developer consultant and leadership contributors, content pipeline execution, and distribution across channels
  • Create content that stands outs by aiding content contributors in design and video editing
  • Build more effective and impactful content by incorporating customer challenges, SEO best practices, insights from analytics, and following industry changes
  • Lead iterative testing on strategy and tactics, including topics, distribution, and formats
  • Creatively adapt positioning into narratives and messages for sales/recruitment enablement
  • Support demand experiences with content strategy and tactics
  • Collaborate to develop and execute org-wide strategic initiatives
  • Model brand voice in content and ensure consistency across channels and formats
  • Demonstrate living our mission, values, and culture every day
  • Shape the role in areas of interest: video, design, talks, pitching, and community engagement


What's expected of all Test Double Agents
  • We serve others. We support our clients, coworkers and others throughout the software industry to achieve their potential.
  • We are owners. We empower our people to identify problems and develop solutions, and we reward hard work through equitable employee ownership.
  • We are principled. We each maintain a vision for quality and integrity, and we embody this in all of our work.
  • We are inclusive. We commit to an environment of allyship, equitable treatment, diversity, and support.
  • We are always improving. We recognize  we will never be perfect, so we continuously strive to become better as individuals, teams, and an industry at large.


  • 5-7 years experience as a T-shaped B2B professional services marketer deep in content skills
  • Superb storytelling/writing skills to simplify complex ideas, spark interest, and inspire action
  • Intermediate design/video editing skills applied with a growth mindset to a WYSIWYG editor
  • Empathetic editor who helps writers grow, including coaching to share opinions and insights 
  • Communicate effectively with team members around feedback and deadlines
  • Adept at project managing, and getting things done well with smart process shortcuts
  • Strong understanding of SEO, social, demand, analytics, and content distribution—but also willing to turn these things on their head to engage an audience that dislikes ads and sales
  • Balance of creative curiosity and drive to get stuff done while remaining nimble
  • Low ego, high emotional intelligence (EQ), growth mindset, and build trust with empathy
  • Experience around software development, collaborating with developers, or digging under the hood to edit HTML or markdown is useful for context—and because we use a headless CMS



$85k - $95k USD 
Dependent on experience and interview process 


  • Remote-first company since 2011
  • 5 weeks flexible time off (vacation and sick time)
  • 10 paid holidays
  • Health, Dental & Vision Insurance (we pay 100% of premiums for agents and their families)
  • ESOP Employee stock ownership program - Test Double is 100% employee owned
  • Up to 14 weeks parental leave (8 weeks at 100% of salary)
  • 1 week of conference attendance (and up to $3,000 of expense)
  • New computer hardware purchase every 3 years
  • Co-working space reimbursement (1/2 rent up to $500 monthly)
  • 2 week Sabbatical leave after 5th year
  • 1 in-person company-wide retreat + 3 quarterly remote connection events a year
  • 10% Growth Time each week
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Retirement contribution match up to 3% of salary
  • Life Insurance
  • AD&D (Canadian-base Agents Only)
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remote Be aware of the location restriction for this remote position: USA, Canada
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Senior Content Manager @Test Double
Salary -
Remote Location remote USA, Canada
Job Type Full-time
Posted 1mth ago
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remote Be aware of the location restriction for this remote position: USA, Canada
Beware of scams! When applying for jobs, you should NEVER have to pay anything. Learn more.
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