Bilingual SaaS Customer Support Specialist (EdTech) @Acuity Insights
Customer Service
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remote in Canada Canada
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[Hiring] Bilingual SaaS Customer Support Specialist (EdTech) @Acuity Insights

Aug 21, 2023 - Acuity Insights is hiring a remote Bilingual SaaS Customer Support Specialist (EdTech). 📍Location: Canada.

Picture a world where colleges and universities can see applicants' full potential, looking beyond just grades in the admission process. Then, imagine these schools having easy-to-use tools that help support students throughout their entire educational journey, leading to the successful graduation of well-trained professionals. Imagine doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers and other professionals representing the diversity of our communities and bringing essential human skills like empathy, integrity, and cultural competency into their careers.

Our mission is to create that world with our Admissions Assessments, Program Management, and Data & Insights products.

Acuity Insights is a purpose-driven EdTech company entering a new growth phase. We have a clear vision and plan for the future, a solid and loyal customer base in healthcare education, and we are expanding our products to business & engineering schools.

You now have a chance to join Acuity Insights’s Customer Success team as a Bilingual Customer Support Specialist. You can be positively impacting the experience of our French and English-speaking customers while helping nurture and grow long-lasting customer relationships through best-in-class support.

The role is ideal for a customer support professional fluent in French and English with experience supporting users of B2B SaaS products and troubleshooting complex technical issues. It’s also well-suited for someone who feels a sense of fulfillment when making a difference in a customer's day and seeks career development in Customer Success.

The Customer Support Specialist position is a remote, individual contributor role. It will be part of a caring & knowledgeable Customer Support team and report to our Manager, Customer Support, for our Program Management and Data & Insights products.

Opportunity & Impact

In this Customer Support Specialist role, you have the opportunity to help customers across Healthcare Education use our Program Management & Analytics solutions to meet their unique operational needs. That includes simplifying workflows, streamlining reporting to access actionable insights about their students and program. You will support their ability to successfully graduate healthcare professionals, like physicians, physiotherapists, and veterinary technicians.

As our dedicated Bilingual Customer Support Specialist, you will be the primary support for our French-speaking customers in Medical Education and also assist English-speaking customers across various Health Sciences programs.

You’ll play a pivotal role in providing a great customer experience:

  • Fielding, prioritizing, and responding to support requests.
  • Handling various inquiries, from technical troubleshooting to sales and billing questions.
  • Conducting research and analysis to troubleshoot and problem-solve issues.
  • Exploring systems, experimenting with options to solve customers’ problems, and proposing solutions.
  • Guiding customers through easy and complex technical difficulties.
  • Sharing valuable customer feedback with our Product teams.

You get to be part of a small, agile team of customer support professionals who meet daily to stay connected and have deep product knowledge. They will support you as you build your own product knowledge throughout your onboarding and beyond.

Through continuous exposure to customer issues, you’ll learn to spot and report patterns of problems and identify product opportunities, providing valuable feedback & insights to Product Development teams and Customer Success Managers.

Joining now also means you get a chance to be part of scaling Customer Success in a startup-like environment. You’ll get to contribute to process optimization and automation to eliminate manual work and creating self-service support documents, increasing our capacity to support a growing number of customers.

Your success in this role means helping raise the bar for how we deliver customer support. You will become another trusted customer advisor & advocate, leading to enhanced product usage, increased customer loyalty, word-of-mouth referrals, and recurring revenue.

To thrive in the role, you have:
  • Built a solid foundation as a customer support professional advising customers and researching, analyzing, troubleshooting, and problem-solving technical issues for extensive and complex software applications with diverse functionalities.
  • Become an expert in effective customer support communication through your previous roles; you write and respond to tickets with clarity, patiently explain technical topics to non-technical people, actively listen and seek to understand customer concerns, and bring positivity & empathy to your interactions.
  • Embraced your strengths as a team player, jumping on opportunities to collaborate within your team and across functions, thinking beyond tickets and tasks to contribute your perspective and fresh ideas and volunteering to help on projects and initiatives that impact company-wide goals.
  • Capacity to retain extensive and complex product information, contextualize knowledge and quickly learn how businesses & processes work.
  • A knack for learning and leveraging tools. For example: Customer Relationship Management systems like ChurnZero for customer data & insights, Pendo for product analytics, Customer Support systems like TeamSupport for managing the ticket queue, and Confluence for documenting processes.
To thrive at Acuity Insights, you are:
  • Caring toward people. You show up, take time to listen and understand, encourage and support, and don’t shy away from providing feedback and mentoring and teaching others to help them grow.
  • Curious by nature and open to possibilities. You like exploring, asking questions, listening, experimenting, and learning.
  • Driven to problem-solve independently and with collaborators, seek to improve your skills, methods, and practices continuously.
  • Adaptable with a preference for fluid and ambiguous work environments where you can explore ways to contribute and create value, initiate and take ownership of your projects, and positively influence change.
  • At your best when you can manage your work, time, and priorities independently and ask for help when you get stuck or seek feedback.
  • Self-aware, with an understanding of your strengths and where you have growth opportunities.
  • Motivated by meaningful work and the chance to contribute to creating a society that prioritizes raising up individuals with empathy, compassion and a thoughtful understanding of the world around them and the people in it.
Selection Process

To ensure an equitable and inclusive process, all candidates will receive equal consideration for an interview, whether applying directly, introduced as a referral or contacting the manager or recruiter directly.

We value and look at every resume. Your application is evaluated based on mission & values alignment, skillsets, and experiences as it’s communicated in your application.

We do not offer sponsorship if you live abroad. You must reside in Canada and be eligible to work here to be considered for an interview.

Interview Process

Our interview process is designed to be a two-way discovery. We want to get to know you as a person, assess your functional skills, and ensure alignment with our mission and values. We want you to show curiosity and ask questions throughout the process.

Here are the steps you can expect:

  • Review & Selection: A human, not an AI, reviews and assesses your application against our hiring criteria outlined in this job ad.
  • Intro Conversation with Recruiter. If selected, we'll have a 45-60 minute phone call to discuss your background and interests and provide information about the company, team, role, and compensation.
  • Meet The Manager. Have a 60-minute video call with your potential future manager to discuss your relevant skills & experiences and learn about the vision for the team and the role.
  • Bilingual Proficiency Assessment. On your own time, spend 30 minutes on a shortened version of our situational judgment test, Casper, to help us assess your French & English writing proficiency.
  • Meet the Team. Connect with future peers and collaborators in a 2-3 hour video call to learn more about the team, role and life at Acuity Insights. Part of the conversation will be in French to assess Bilingual fluency.
  • Wait For a Decision. The Hiring Manager consolidates and evaluates feedback from the interview team to make a hiring decision within 2-4 days.
  • Receive an Offer / Reference Check. If you're a good fit for the role, team, and company, we'll invite you to an offer conversation. The offer is contingent upon the completion of a reference check.
Key Benefits:
  • Fair Compensation. We offer salaries based on internal pay equity, ensuring fairness and contributing to a responsible and sustainable business.
  • Investment In Your Growth. Access an annual budget of $3,000 for your professional and personal development.
  • Remote Work & Flexible Hours. Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere within Canada and the autonomy to set your own schedule.
  • Self-Directed Vacation. Take charge of your vacation schedule and duration with unrestricted paid vacation days, supported and encouraged by your manager.
  • Collective Time Off. Join the team in disconnecting from work for two weeks at the end of the year and enjoy extra Fridays off throughout the year.
  • Other Paid Time Off. Take comfort in knowing you won’t feel a financial impact when you need time off due to a medical or family emergency, lose a loved one, or just need a day to nurture your mental health and well-being.
  • Parental Leave. Bond with your new addition, whether you are a birthing parent, non-birthing parent, or expanding your family through surrogacy or adoption.
  • Company Ownership. Get a piece of future profits with employee stock options granted on your start date.
  • GRSP Matching Program. Save for your future with our Group Registered Savings Plan in partnership with Wealthsimple. We match contributions up to 2% of your salary.
  • Comprehensive Health Coverage. Enroll yourself and your dependents in our health, dental, and life benefits plan through Equitable Life of Canada, starting from day one.
  • Holistic Wellness Support. Receive personalized support for your physical, mental, social and financial well-being needs through our membership with Cyno.
A bit more about us

Acuity Insights (formerly Altus Assessments) is a Canadian product and research company established in 2014. We were founded on 15 years of research by co-founders Kelly Dore (Ph.D.) and Harold Reiter (M.D MEd), who invented our first product, Casper, a higher education admissions assessment, at McMaster University in Ontario.

In 2021, we partnered with a private equity firm. We acquired One45, a healthcare education software company, expanding our team and offerings beyond Admission Assessments (Casper & Duet) to Program Management (One45) and Data & Insights (Analytics).

Behind Acuity Insights, you'll find a diverse team of 120+ caring, curious, and driven individuals collaborating remotely across Canada and some international locations.

We are committed to creating an inclusive & caring culture built on respect for all individuals. We prioritize transparency, diversity, equity, and inclusion in our programs, policies and business operations.

We know diverse teams fuel innovation, build better products, and contribute to stronger business outcomes. We encourage individuals from non-traditional backgrounds or historically marginalized and underrepresented groups to apply and join us in helping higher education institutions implement holistic admission processes that create a student body accurately representing the diverse communities they serve.

Thank you for considering applying and making Acuity Insights your next workplace!

About The Company

Acuity Insights is a purpose-led company on a mission to create a world served by exceptional professionals. We help schools select, nurture and graduate the most well-rounded students with technical and social skills, ensuring that when they enter the workplace as physicians, teachers, or any other professional, they are equipped to serve our communities with social intelligence and cultural competency.

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Bilingual SaaS Customer Support Specialist (EdTech) @Acuity Insights
Customer Service
Salary -
Remote Location
remote in Canada Canada
Job Type Full-time
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remote Be aware of the location restriction for this remote position: Canada
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